UK nursery sector puts ‘thumbs up’ for early years

An initiative recognising hard-working nursery educators has launched, backed by those in the early years sector across the UK.

#ThumbsUpForEarlyYears aims to highlight the dedication and commitment shown by childcare workers across the country, with three of the largest early years providers in the UK Busy Bees, Bright Horizons and Bertram Nursery Group along with a whole host of nursery groups and independents, as well as the National Day Nurseries Association joining forces to express their appreciation for the early years workforce.

To celebrate the outstanding efforts of early years educators, who have provided essential stability and support to families throughout the pandemic, the sector is asking members of the community including parents, children, support colleagues and practitioners to share a photo of themselves in support of the initiative, using the hashtag #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears, on Thursday 18 February.

Speaking on behalf of the group of early years providers, Sarah Steel, Chair of the Large Providers Group, said “Our sector is one that relies on our people, we know that every experience a child has can be enhanced by a caring, knowledgeable practitioner. As individual organisations we’ve celebrated these ‘magic moments’ and thanked our colleagues for always prioritising the children throughout the year.  #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears provides us with a platform to come together and share our awe, thanks and heartfelt appreciation for all those working in early years whether they are a key person, a Nursery Manager or an apprentice. Today is the day to say – thank you, we think you’re amazing.

“We hope that by sharing images alongside #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears, we will highlight just how many wonderful individuals work tirelessly to ensure children cared for by practitioners across our sector receive the very best start in life.”

Those in the early years sector, as well as parents, are encouraged to share a photo of themselves in support of the initiative, using the hashtag #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears, on Thursday 18 February.

Dear families,

We are pleased to share with you our exciting plans for the future of our nurseries. Bertram Nursery Group has provided a trusted, caring and quality service to thousands of families over two decades.  That isn’t changing, but we want to grow and develop our services, facilities and, most of all, our teams who make our nurseries and kindergartens such inspiring places for children.

That’s why we’re changing our name to Thrive Childcare and Education, because that’s at the heart of what we’re about – helping our children, staff and communities to thrive.

While changing our company name and the names of some of our nurseries is the next step of our development journey, we’ll still have the same dedicated teams caring for your children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced our belief that we need to adapt and invest in a constantly changing world to continue providing the service that parents and children need, tailored to the communities we support across Scotland and North West England.

Since our foundation, we have acquired some fantastic groups of nurseries and many high-quality independent nurseries. Now we are uniting them under four Thrive groupings:

  • Happitots nurseries will extend beyond Glasgow and South Lanarkshire to provide a network of affordable, flexible nurseries across Scotland.
  • Holyrood nurseries will extend more widely across our network of affordable nurseries in North West England, recognising parents’ and community needs.
  • Corner House nurseries will now extend from Edinburgh to operate more widely across Scotland, providing an extensive range of exciting, extracurricular activities and large outdoor areas.
  • Nature Kindergartens, our new sub-group, will reflect our vision to develop children’s outdoor learning. We plan to expand our Nature Kindergartens network in Scotland and England because we believe children’s learning is greatly enhanced in natural spaces.


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