We offer an inspiring learning experience with qualified teachers at our nurseries. Our education programmes are an excellent opportunity to prepare children for school and encourage learning activities based on topics chosen by them.

Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychologist at Oranges & Lemons supports development of our children. The dedication and sensitive nature of educational psychologists help our children to succeed.

Qualified Teachers

Our qualified teachers work closely with our preschool children and their key workers to ensure that children make good progress within all aspects of their development in readiness for school

Excellent Resources

Our nurseries provide an extensive range of resources to encourage children to learn through play. We favour naturalistic learning resources and make fantastic use of our outdoor equipment, prompting free-flow and child-led learning

Interactive Smartboards

Our Interactive Smart Boards offer exciting and stimulating learning experiences tailored to challenge and engage little ones

Bi Lingual Staff

We are fortunate to have bi-lingual staff that can support children in their first language and exploring new languages. It helps children to feel more comfortable in the nursery and provide opportunities to learn the history and heritage of various cultures

Special Festivals

Our nursery encourages children to celebrate festivals throughout the year. This is one of the best ways for children to learn about different religions and cultures by celebrating various world religious festivals, food tasting from different countries, and dressing up in the national outfits of their friends


ZooLab helps to inspire childrens' curiosity and covers many subject areas within the national curriculum by introducing children to all species of animals, big and small!

Music Teacher

Regular visits from our Music Teacher motivate our children to explore and develop a passion for music. Music lessons with experienced music teachers can increase children's confidence, enhance cognitive abilities and inspire them to be creative

Risky Play

We provide children with opportunities to explore the use of real tools and natural materials under our supervision. Risky play encourages the development of excellent motor skills, communication, concentration and co-ordination and gives our children enormous scope to engage with their surroundings

Sign Language

Sign language skills from an early age benefit all children as it can ease frustration for children who are not yet talking, support social interaction and communication, as well as develop exceptional motor skills that support writing later on

Nursery Library

We believe that reading should be lots of fun, so we run a mini-library service to encourage children to share their favourite stories with their parents, and to help busy parents keep the bookshelf engaging at home! Our nurseries organise regular library visits as part of the learning process