Each of our nurseries offer a unique range of activities and extras. Please contact your nearest nursery to learn which exciting activities they offer.

Did you know that your kids can take part in loads of fun activities at our nurseries? From swimming and soft play to gymnastics and learning to play soccer, it's all going on.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming clubs will teach your child to swim and how to act safely in the pool. Swimming also helps to develop strong bones and muscles, and promotes flexibility and co-ordination.

Football Club

Football lessons give children a chance to learn about teamwork, develop movement skills and have a good kick-around outdoors! There are many psychological and social benefits of playing football.

French and Spanish Lessons

Our children love to explore another language through regular lessons with our French and Spanish teachers. Learning a new language while they are young helps children absorb the language much faster.

Drama Classes

Our drama classes encourage confidence and creativity in all of our rising stars! Learning songs and lines improves vocabulary while expressing emotions through acting aids communication skills.

Forest Garden

In addition to our spacious garden areas, we have our very own private forest gardens, and our children have daily secure access to our garden. Our children love to explore and play outdoors.

Gymnastics and Gymbobs

Gymnastics and Gymbobs classes at our local community centres and Princes Dock nursery provide a fun challenge for our little ones. Flexibility is one of the main health benefits of Gymnastics.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is for everyone – and you’re never too young to start. Children of all ages love our yoga sessions held each Monday. Children learn about physical activity, turn-taking and participation while having fun.

Physical Education Classes

Our 3-5 room has a PE lesson with Loretto Junior School every Tuesday morning. We are working on basic and advanced ball skills, body movement, coordination and spatial awareness.

Baby Ballet

Baby ballet is a dance class that is focused on providing ballet lessons for boys and girls from 6 months. It helps children develop their strength and stamina by improving coordination and flexibility.

Dance Classes

Our dance programme is designed to enhance children principal areas of learning and development while experiencing the joys of movement and creativity through dance.

Forest School Classes

Forest School is an inspirational process that offers our children opportunities to develop their self-confidence through hands-on learning experiences in our woodland garden.

Little Legends Football

Little Legends Football gives children something to look forward to each week and getting kids involved in playing will surely enable them to maintain their health better as they grow up.

Song and Dance Factory

We provide Song & Dance Factory Classes to our children, allowing them to develop movement and rhythmic skills through energetic play. These wonderful classes are enjoyed by all!