Childcare in Scotland – Scottish Government Guidance

Childcare in Scotland - Scottish Government Guidance

Thank you for coming back to our recent communication.  We picked up a lot of feedback regarding key or essential workers in Scotland and wanted to help clarify childcare guidance from the Scottish Government.

Currently, if you are an essential/key worker, you must contact your local authority regarding childcare.  Due to the Scottish Government guidance, we are unable to accept direct bookings from essential/key workers or any other families. These must go through the local council who will then confirm childcare is required at which point we are able to confirm places.  Two of our nurseries currently remain open, Happitots Nursery Glasgow Airport and Oranges & Lemons Technology Park and are accepting bookings for essential/key workers through their local authority.

Local authorities set requirements on who are classed as essential/key workers.  Sadly, we have no impact on this decision, so we suggest if you are unsure to check your local authorities website where information should clarify if you are classed as an essential/key worker.

We are seeing an increase in demand for a number of our nurseries thanks to the data from our parent surveys for essential/key workers and want to work to accommodate this demand where possible. 

From our survey feedback, we will contact our local authorities with the demand we are seeing to look at any possibilities to re-open sites ahead of the 1st of August in line with the Government’s guidance of providing childcare for essential/key workers.  We sadly cannot guarantee if this will happen as it is in the hands of our local authority, however, we understand there is a demand, and we will present this to the local authority.

If you are an essential/key worker, can you please complete our parent survey and confirm if you require childcare.  If you have completed the survey already but have changed your mind on any answers, please feel free to re-do.

We appreciate you taking the time and will come back next week with an update on where we are with essential/key worker requests. 

For all other childcare, we will keep you updated as Government guidance is issued.

Thank you for your continued patience,

Stay safe and well,

The Bertram Nursery Group

29 May 2020